Our Plant

The technology for the manufacture of Pentaerythritol was licensed from Hercules Inc of USA. We have developed good capabilities in the manufacturing process and have established processes that help us control impurities like formals. We manufacture Pentaerythritol in 2 primary grades of Penta with purities varying from 98-99% in Mono Penta and 83- 85% Di Penta in Di Pentaerythritol. Impurities like Tri-Penta, Cyclic & linear formals, though present in our product also, are in much lower quantities.

Esters made using our product Di-Pentaerythritol are used in US and Europe in aviation industry. Granular grade of Di Penta produced by us is quite popular due to advantages in safe handling at user end.

We are the leaders in India in Penta markets like Alkyd Resin, high energy material (detonator fuses) and are regular exporter to manufacturers of specialty lubricant additives and synthetic lubricants. We have developed specific grades for application in the polyester industry for improving the speed and tenacity of the fiber. Efforts are underway to develop powder and micronized grades of Penta for PVC stabilizer industry in view of the increasing demand in the country and also to support introduction of lead free stabilizers.

Penta division is engaged in the manufacture of Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is manufactured from Methanol and is a key input Raw Material used for the manufacture of Pentaerythritol. It is used mainly for captive consumption.

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