Pentaerythritol is a white crystalline polyhydric alcohol containing four primary hydroxyl groups. Applications are building blocks in Alkyd resins, radiation curing monomers, polyurethanes, rosin esters, synthetic lubricants and Accessories for Coal Mining Industry.


Customized particle size distribution

Customized Di Penta for various segments

Hercules technology – variety of purity

Product Grades

Di Penta

Di Penta Grade is white to off-white granular material and dimer of Pentaerthritol. Its applications are alkyd resins, rosin esters and synthetic lubricants

Mono Penta - Nitration Grade

Pentaerythritol Nitration Grade is of high purity and white micronized material. It is designed for nitration.

Mono Penta - Specialty Grade

Pentaerythritol Speciality Grade is of high purity, controlled particle size and white crystalline material. Its applications are PVC stabilizers, synthetic lubricants and polyester.

Mono Penta Resin – Grade

Mono Penta Resin grade is a white crystalline powder material. Its applications are alkyd resins, rosin esters and nitration.

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