About Penta

About Penta

Asian Paints Ltd. Penta division is engaged in the manufacture of chemicals viz. Pentaerythritol, Sodium Formate and Formaldehyde.

Pentaerythritol (PE) is the basic raw material for industrial products like paints, plasticizers, synthetic lubricants, polyester and accessories for the mining industry.
Sodium Formate finds application in the chrome tanning process for the production of leather and in on-shore oil drilling applications. Formaldehyde is manufactured from Methanol and used for the manufacture of Pentaerythritol.

Asian Paints Ltd. Penta division is located at B5 - B10, Sipcot Industrial Complex, Kudikadu, Cuddalore - 607 005, Tamil Nadu.

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Asian Paints Penta applications are spread across aircraft specialty lubricant additives, synthetic lubricants, plastic additives, stabilizers as well as modifier in Polyester application.